Dr. Aisen speaks with Angela An about developments in AD research

On September 21, 2022 – World Alzheimer's Day – Dr. Aisen spoke with Angela An about the exciting developments in Alzheimer's Disease research. The two talked about some key updates in the research.

First, Dr. Aisen discussed the new ways in which drugs can be tested and evaluated. Just years ago, there were very few ways to see if drugs were effective; brain scans couldn't pick up on the microscopic changes and blood tests hadn't been developed yet. Now, however, scanning technology has improved dramatically where changes to the brain can be seen visually. In addition, blood tests can now detect if there is amyloid (an abnormal protein that builds up, causing AD) in the brain.

The two also discussed four exciting new drug candidates that are entering trials over the next 6 months. These new anti-amyloid drugs are unique in the ways in which they attack the amyloid and the ways in which they are administered. Dr. Aisen said, "We've never been in this position before with four therapies late-stage testing. It is a tremendously exciting time." 

Head over to the ATRI video library to watch their entire conversation.

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